Supporting Zambian Businesses

This isn’t sponsored, it’s just a few things I’ve found.  Let me know about other good Zambian things available outside Zambia.

Eco Zambia has lovely bags, furniture and other things to buy from Zambian recyclers.

The Lusaka Lowdown, edited by Heather Chalcraft, gives a monthly digest of events and carries articles about Zambia today and in the past. The advertising alone gives a real feel of how Zambia is changing.

When I discovered Tropical Forest Honey from Mwinilunga in my local Waitrose I was delighted.  It not only tastes good, but when you open the jar the scent of the bush rises up to greet you.  I take it to people I’m visiting instead of a bunch of flowers.

If you want to smell of Zambian honey yourself,  Lush uses it in its They have a really lovely video about honey collection at Kabompo

The African Chef is a company founded by Malcolm Riley who was born and raised in Zambia. It promotes the delights of the baobab among other Zambian ingredients and makes glorious things like Baobab Chilli Jam and Peri Peri Pesto.

Here’s a link to some accommodation in Zambia.

John LeRoux a former member of NRP produces cards and prints with a Zambian theme. This section is illustrated with one of his cards. Contact:
JD LeRoux, 16 Wyatt Court Stocks Lane, East Wittering PO20 8BE

© John LeRoux

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