Further Reading

The book has a rather long bibliography including works on the psychology and sociology of memory, postcolonial theory and the history of Northern Rhodesia. Gradually I’ll work through saying what I feel is important about the major sources. There is also a growing number of memoirs and autobiographies and a few novels by former Northern Rhodesians.

I’ve not previously written on a subject that chimed with my own life but , although I occasionally appear in it, Remnants of Empire is emphatically not my autobiography. I’m not as brave as the people who put their life up for scrutiny and take the time to write from their unique points of view. Here is a list of those I used, gradually I’ll summarise their content. I’ll keep updating the list as new books appear. (If you hear of one coming out, it would be great if you’d drop me a line via the contact section)

Memoirs are a strange phenomenon. They aren’t strictly “history”, they aren’t invariably well written and often they could benefit from a good pruning, but they always give a valuable insight to a lived world, even though that world may not be shared by many others. Memoir writers are generous in making their lives available, but it is unavoidable that there is at least a tiny twinge of vanity – people don’t embark upon writing their memoirs unless they believe that their lives are interesting. The “interesting lives” filter means that only certain kinds of people settle down to writing books about themselves and in the case of Northern Rhodesia/Zambia there are more books by District Officers than Copper Miners and more about life in the bush than along the line of rail.   I’m delighted that increasingly people are also writing about their lives after leaving NR/Z – here Jonathan Lawley, Neville Isdell, Basil O’Connell-Jones and Maureen & Michael Harbott stand out.

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